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June 23, 2019

Hull's Ennerdale Leisure Centre undergoes a refurbishment in July 2019 and closes for 6 months. The centre was built in 1984 and is looking tired and in desperate need of a makeover. Here are some images taken in May 2019 before the makeover starts.

Preston Road, Hull. A place where me and my wife set up our first home in 2001 and brought two of our kids in to the world. We lived 'on the front' i.e on Preston Road itself and at the time I was serving as a junior in the Royal Navy and money was tight. Preston Road...

On my daily commute across from the east of the city to the west I feel the strain on the local road network by the daily ferry offload, just in time for the morning rush. It's always something that's puzzled me, why not delay unloading of thw ferries until beyond 9am...

Knife Angel came to Hull in early 2019. 

The news of the new development in the heart of the city is an exciting prospect for Hull, the people having 'suffered' the somewhat rundown buildings for a number of years. We went on a little walk around the area to record the area before it changes for good.